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Jesus didn’t just send the apostles into the community, he sent them out into the WORLD! Since we can’t be everywhere at once, we have a few well-placed partners that help us share the love and compassion of Jesus. We’re out to follow his example and set the world right. Take a look at where we’re going next and browse through recaps of our previous projects below.



Coming in June, 2024!

Although the heart of the Catholic Church is situated in Italy, most Italians have never heard of a God who loves and longs to have a relationship with them. We’re partnering with Joel and Amy Hardman from Cru and help them share the hope of the Gospel. Our plan is to work with them to help reach Italians in their neighborhood through an English Vacation Bible School. Email Marcy Walker ( with any questions.

Support around the Globe

Not only does your giving support local outreach like counseling services, food pantries and teen mentoring programs–it also supports our mission partners across the United States and abroad.