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You love your kids. We know that.

But, spilled milk, temper tantrums, rolled eyes and grunts from their phone-stuck faces leaves you wondering…what’s next? We’re here to help. At Ginghamsburg, we work hard to come alongside you and your family. It takes a village to raise a child. Besides, you need some space to heal. You’ll learn some helpful tools along the way to become the household champion your kids believe you to be. No matter how you come to us, and no matter how you move on – you’ll be loved, regardless.


Family Orange


We are strong proponents of the Orange philosophy, which is focused on the church partnering with families. The Church (Yellow) is the light while the Home (Red) is the heart…when those two are combined you get Orange. We believe that the two combined influences make a greater impact than just two individual influences. We are here to walk alongside you and your family no matter what the scenario: spiritually, mentally, physically – we are your village!

The majority of our age-based programs – Kids and Students – utilize Orange curriculum that will allow us to surround your kids with caring adults who want to help point your kids to Jesus. It also allows us to give you – the parent or guardian – tools that will equip you to have meaningful conversations around what is being taught in the programs. One of the primary tools we use is the Parent Cue, which comes out at the beginning of each new series.

Family Parenting Preschool

Ginghamsburg Preschool

The Ginghamsburg Christian Preschool and Childcare Center provides a Christ-centered atmosphere and staff to foster your child’s spiritual, social, emotional, physical and academic developmental needs with love. We are licensed through the State of Ohio and accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Family Parenting Dan Teen Lifegroup

Small Groups Leaders

In each of our ministry areas, we utilize caring, safe volunteers who are the first line of ministry. They are the ones who have real, honest conversations each week, and who are committed to helping you disciple your kids. This is so important because none of us can do this parenting thing on our own. We need help. LOTS of help! Allow our awesome volunteers help you on your discipling journey.

Home Kids


Ginghamsburg Kids has implemented a ministry program specially designed for kids with individual special/behavioral needs to introduce them to the love of Jesus and make God’s word come alive. Kids are connected with a One-to-One volunteer who will build a relationship and assist them with learning opportunities. Plan your first visit by sending an email to kids@ginghamsburg.org.

Family Parent Nursing Mothers Room

Nursing Mother’s Room

If you’re looking for a quiet room to feed your child but still participate in worship, we have a nursing mother’s lounge. Otherwise, all children are welcome to join you in worship!

Family Parenting Moms1


We see your hard work and sleepless nights. That’s why we created a space for you to find encouragement, friendship and support. Childcare provided for these weekly morning/evening gatherings in the Avenue. Mom2Mom also hosts a GIANT sale twice a year that’s guaranteed to meet your tiny tot bargain-shopping dreams. Email lifegroups@ginghamsburg.org for current meeting times and to get connected.

Foster Care Support

Foster Care Support Group

We know foster care and adoption is a whole different ballgame. We have a support network created for this unique, incredible calling. We share local needs, ways to get involved and opportunities to gather to support one another. Located in Miami County, Ohio and servicing all our surrounding counties. Email lifegroups@ginghamsburg.org for current meeting times and to get connected.


Family Parenting New Creation

New Creation Counseling Center

As well as providing counseling and psychiatry services to children and adolescents at Ginghamsburg Church’s Discipleship Center, New Creation Counseling Center also offers counseling services at several schools in the following Miami County school districts: Tipp City, Miami East, Covington, Bradford, as well as at Upper Valley Career Center. New Creation offers professional Christian counseling, regardless of your ability to pay.


Classes & Support

Sometimes, healing means learning practical tools to impact daily life. We offer several classes on practical topics like money, health, marriage and Christian living.

We also offer several support groups like GriefShare, DivorceCare, men’s sexual addiction and more… all to help you become the mom or dad that your kid believes you to be.


Time Out Final1 1

TIME OUT! Message Series

We’ve curated all the messages, materials and interviews from our recent parenting series in one place. Relearn the six rules to winning the parenting game, catch a message you may have missed, or share this with a parent-friend that could use a little help. It’s all here for you!

Parent Cue

Parent Cue Blog

Blogs are still out there. And still super helpful! One of our favorites is a part of the Orange philosophy, called Parent Cue. You will find not only a blog that relates to all phases and stages of life, but also a store, podcast and much more.