Christmas Miracle Offering

“Christmas is not your birthday, it’s Jesus’ birthday!”

2021 Christmas Giving – $352,833

Every Christmas, whatever we spend on our families, we give an equal amount to resource a miracle.

The 2021 Christmas Miracle Offering will support annual commitments to Ginghamsburg community partners and come alongside storm victims of Southwest Louisiana.

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Hurricane Laura

…was a devastating category 4 storm that struck Southwest Louisiana in August 2020. With sustained winds of 150mph, it was the strongest hurricane to ever hit the state of Louisiana. Two months later, an angry gulf landed another category 4 storm, Hurricane Delta. Since then, an unexpected winter freeze, a hundred-year flood, an EF2 tornado and a lingering pandemic have all hindered recovery. This year we will partner with the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church to rebuild homes.

The people of Southwest Louisiana are resilient, but they are tired.

A Message of Gratitude from Southwest Louisiana

Dear Ginghamsburg and friends of Ginghamsburg,

Our words are inadequate to express how much your concern for Lake Charles means to us. Last year was literally a nightmare. Nearly every house and business was beaten by the storms; hurricanes, flooding and ice storm. Our school system has lost over 4,000 children because families have had to relocate. More homeless now than ever. Our personal business has had to repair the buildings twice from hurricanes, then from flooding.

We were repairing my 90-year old mother’s home when the three of us caught Covid from workers in her home. Mom was hospitalized but we have all since recuperated, thank God. Our home has been restored from damages, but so many of our friends and family are still living in campers and hotels.

We are grateful for your efforts to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community. I hope you send teams so we can meet face to face! May God richly bless you and your church family to the overflow!

Grace and Peace,

Mickey & Bob
Southwest Louisiana

Since 2004, millions of dollars have funded miracles like clean water in Sudan, rescuing children from slavery, hunger relief, disaster relief, survival kits for Syrian refugees, church planting, malaria prevention and a mobile grocery store. For a deep history of miracles tied to the Christmas Offering, browse the video library below.
A portion of every Miracle Offering supports local good works.
Click the links to learn more about the benefiting community partners:

New Path Outreach
New Creation Counseling Center
Clubhouse After School Tutoring and Teen Training