Christmas Miracle Offering

“Christmas is not your birthday, it’s Jesus’ birthday!”

Christmas Giving

Every Christmas, whatever we spend on our families, we give an equal amount to resource a miracle.

Check back in November for details on the Miracle Offering for 2021.
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We Help People

The 2020 Christmas Miracle Offering collected $355,165. That includes $100,000 to fund a utility assistance program designed to assist local families unable to pay for basic utilities. The remaining $200,000+ was deployed to support the ongoing day-to-day mission of our three primary non-profit partners: Clubhouse after school tutoring, New Path Outreach and New Creation Counseling Center, as well as love fund reserves.

A Message From New Path

Dear Ginghamsburg Family,

On behalf of the entire New Path team, thank you for your generosity during the 2020 Christmas Miracle Offering. The past year has been challenging for all of us, and perhaps no other group has endured more difficulty than those that are in or near poverty. Precarious employment struggles, coupled with online learning for children and protecting family health were all concerns that loomed large for these families. And through these concerns, many families had financial struggles that they have never had to encounter before and are still encountering today.

Your generosity through this year’s Christmas Miracle Offering will allow families to keep their lights on and the water flowing. Many families have become delinquent in their utility bills and need help getting caught up. Your generosity allows that to happen so that children in the Miami Valley can go to bed at night with faith, family and food.

Thank you again,

William Lutz
Executive Director
The New Path, Inc.

Since 2004, millions of dollars have funded miracles like clean water in Sudan, rescuing children from slavery, hunger relief, disaster relief, survival kits for Syrian refugees, church planting, malaria prevention and a mobile grocery store. For a deep history of miracles tied to the Christmas Offering, browse the video library below.