Christmas Miracle Offering

Celebrating Jesus’s birthday with a BIG gift

2022 – A Mission House in El Salvador

Whatever we spend on our families this Christmas, the challenge is to bring an equal or greater amount to resource a miracle. Primarily collected during worship on Christmas Eve, 100% of the Miracle Offering goes outside the walls of Ginghamsburg Church.

The 2022 Christmas Miracle Offering of $271,515 will fund annual commitments to Ginghamsburg Church’s community partners (New Path Compassion Ministries, New Creation Counseling Center and Clubhouse) and come alongside Reach Out International to build a mission house designed to sustain long-term ministry on the Island of Calzada, El Salvador.

El Salvador Outline

Reach Out International is operated by Lauren and Cristian Guillen.

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Who are Lauren and Cristian Guillen?

Lauren was a college student, raised in Tipp City, Ohio, who had bilingual skills and a heart for mission work. Cristian was an island-born El Salvadoran whose life was transformed by Jesus. When Lauren spent an extended stay in El Salvador, God’s plan was too perfect to ignore. The two met, fell in love, and together began a life of ministry committed to Jesus, dedicated to the island of La Calzada and the lives of those Cristian knew well.

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Reach Out!

Reach Out International is a faith-based 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to connecting with those in need of resources and skills in order to better their communities. Living among people of the small island community of La Calzada in El Salvador, Reach Out International comes alongside neighbors through work opportunities, education and whole health. LEARN MORE

The Challenge of Hospitality

Currently, international and domestic mission teams to the island are hosted by Cristian’s parents, Carlos and Magdalena. Built by hand 38 years ago, their home miraculously still stands. Hosting large teams on a regular basis with one toilet, one shower, a tiny kitchen and limited space for beds is stretching their gift of hospitality to its limit. For a variety of reasons, many teams don’t stay on the island, limiting them to a single day’s visit or traveling back and forth from the mainland.

Carlos and Magdalena love to host, but want to host well.

A proposal for long-term ministry

Reach Out International is asking for funds to build a mission house. This house will provide adequate housing to outside teams, alleviating the pressure of maxed-out utilities and sleeping quarters of the Guillen home. It will also provide jobs, and guarantee long-term relationships between visitors and islanders when staying with Carlos and Magdalena is no longer viable.

Lauren and Cristian visit Ginghamsburg

A visiting missionary explains why a mission house is so important

Miracle Offering Goals


To sustain local ministry in the region of Tipp City, OH through New Path, New Creation and Clubhouse, and to assist Reach Out International in the purchase of supplies and labor associated with building the Calzada Island Mission House (appx $250,000). Total needed to fully fund all partners: $450,000


To see an outpouring of God’s spirit, love and healing in West Central Ohio and on Calzada Island, El Salvador.

Whatever you spend on your family this Christmas, bring an equal amount for the Miracle Offering.

All donated funds will be given directly to Reach Out International, a 501c3 registered in the United States. Mission house payments will be made by Reach Out International directly to the contracted construction company, keeping the exchange of money out of the influence of El Salvadoran government.

2021 Christmas Giving – $352,833

Every Christmas, whatever we spend on our families, we give an equal amount to resource a miracle. 100% of the Christmas Miracle Offering goes outside the walls of Ginghamsburg Church.

The 2021 Christmas Miracle Offering raised $352,833. Of that total, $152,833 supported storm victims of Southwest Louisiana and created a unique recovery-based coalition of Baptists, Amish and Methodists.  The remaining $200,000 funded annual commitments to Ginghamsburg Church’s community partners New Path Compassion Ministries, New Creation Counseling Center and Clubhouse Teen Training and After School Tutoring.

Since 2004, millions of dollars have funded miracles like clean water in Sudan, rescuing children from slavery, hunger relief, disaster relief, survival kits for Syrian refugees, church planting, malaria prevention and a mobile grocery store. For a deep history of miracles tied to the Christmas Offering, browse the video library below.
A portion of every Miracle Offering supports local good works.
Click the links to learn more about the benefiting community partners:

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New Creation Counseling Center
Clubhouse After School Tutoring and Teen Training