Rachel Billups - February 6, 2022

Blessed are the Peacemakers

From talking heads to news outlets, conflict increases ratings, dominates social platforms, and permeates our lives. Yet, into this cultural breakdown Jesus calls ordinary folks to be the bridge. Join us as Ginghamsburg embarks on a new series, leaning into the Hard Conversations with tools for the task.

From Series: "Freely Disagree"

We humans can struggle to engage in meaningful and effective conversations, whether we’re talking about politics, religion, or even our favorite sports team. Reengaging our foundational peacemaking practices of Ask Anything, Listen Well, Freely Disagree, and Love Regardless, how might we freely disagree and assure we’ll still be friends? With a focus on Jesus and his teaching from the Sermon on the Mount, we explore the art of overcoming the “enemy-making machine” of our culture and recommit to freely disagree.

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