Dennis Miller - November 26, 2023

Clark Griswold

We begin with the story of a family Christmas gone completely off the rails. Aohat Clark Griswold discovers is that the true meaning of Christmas isn't found in the biggest Christmas tree, a million lights, or even chasing a squirrel through your home. As we look at the Griswold family Christmas, we discover the real meaning of Christmas is not found in the routines. The real meaning of Christmas becomes clear when we embrace the miracle of Jesus.

From Series: "Characters of Christmas "

When it comes to Christmas, there is an iconic cast of characters that quickly come to mind. Each one plays an important role in the Christmas season as they embark on a journey to find, well, whatever it is they're looking for. But what if inside each of these iconic stories there is a more profound meaning? What if there's a connection to something greater? There is a profound feeling of hope woven throughout every wonderful Christmas story. Journey with us as we find faith, hope and Jesus in the Characters of Christmas.

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