Dennis Miller - January 21, 2024


Dating leads to engagement, and engagement leads to marriage. The wedding is beautiful and the honeymoon is fantastic. Then reality sets in. Marriage is more than a single day. Marriage takes work and effort in both directions. Marriage isn't easy, but as we'll see, when we shape our marriages in a way that honors Christ and our spouse, we'll show the culture a different way to be married.

From Series: "Modern Love"

We are bombarded daily with advice about love and relationships. You can’t walk five feet into a bookstore, open a magazine, read a blog post, listen to a podcast, or turn on the TV without coming across a relationship “expert” with all the answers. To make matters worse, this “sound” counsel often falls short of its intended purpose to help individuals experience real and lasting love. Join us as we examine scripture’s timeless and practical wisdom to help us find and preserve loving, God-honoring relationships.

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