Rusty Eshleman - May 23, 2021


Praying for other humans can feel difficult and inadequate. We get caught up with form but prayer isn’t simply the words we say. It’s more like stepping into a river that’s already flowing – and the ripples made, the stones that shift, create a change that affects everything and everyone downstream. And it’s THAT kind of prayer that creates a movement of God. Join us this weekend in worship as we celebrate life and explore the powerful current that carries us all…

From Series: "Home is The Hub"

Did you know that the early church was launched out of homes?! This grassroots movement began in the intimate spaces where parents and children, strangers and friends gathered to grow in faith, in God, and love for one another. A pandemic world has painfully reminded us that we truly were designed for connection, for gathering in spaces where faith grows best. Let’s turn the tables on how we “do” church, return to the core of our roots and reimagine your home as the hub!

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