Mike Fitzpatrick - September 26, 2021

Model Daily

Kids are basically human sponges. We lecture, pray, worry and reprove but at the end of the day our kids are going to do, say and act a lot like – you guessed it – us. It’s a frightfully beautiful way we’ve been created, and this message holds out hope for even the most challenged parents.

From Series: "Time Out"

Parenting is hard…period! How do we raise kids into incredible adults without a how-to guide or playbook? Whether you feel like a referee, handing out penalties on the sidelines or a coach that can’t quite get the team going in the same direction, we believe these next six weeks will be just the help you need! Each week will offer time-out space to dive deep into Proverbs chapter 3 while learning from veteran parents who’ve coached their offspring to the finish line.

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