Rachel Billups - October 31, 2021

It All Belongs to God

Money talk isn’t easy for couples, parents – or churches. But the Ginghamsburg faith community has never shied away from having hard conversations about life in the real world. Listen in as we engage in the talks and offer the tools we all need to move forward in financial freedom.

From Series: "Re•de•fine Rich"

True fact: it would take Jeff Bezos 50 years to spend his nearly $200 billion dollar fortune. Yes, the founder of Amazon could spend 11 million dollars a day every year for the next 50 years and he still wouldn’t run out of money! We say Jeff Bezos is rich, but is he really? When did the mega-wealthy hijack our definition of rich? Dive deep with us to redefine wealth, reestablish our financial practices and regain our trust in the giver of all good things – essentials for living generously rich lives.

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