Rachel Billups - November 14, 2021

Generosity Changes Us

In the wake of Jesus’ resurrection, the Bible describes a new community of people whose decision to follow Jesus led to a decision to share resources – a total game-changer for this outrageous and contagious community. Let’s gather in as together we awaken to this outrageously good life…  

From Series: "Re•de•fine Rich"

True fact: it would take Jeff Bezos 50 years to spend his nearly $200 billion dollar fortune. Yes, the founder of Amazon could spend 11 million dollars a day every year for the next 50 years and he still wouldn’t run out of money! We say Jeff Bezos is rich, but is he really? When did the mega-wealthy hijack our definition of rich? Dive deep with us to redefine wealth, reestablish our financial practices and regain our trust in the giver of all good things – essentials for living generously rich lives.

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