Mike Fitzpatrick - April 25, 2021

The Dance | Boundaries

Is faithfulness in marriage still a thing? It’s 2021 and surely God’s updated the manual…   But what if the original plan was created to set us free to address the deepest longings of our soul? What if intimacy was more about a dance than a dirge? Join us for connection and a message addressing the topic we’ve waited too long to consider…

From Series: "Sextalk"

Our culture has taught us to avoid certain subjects – religion and politics among them.  But certainly, there’s no conversation more vehemently avoided in the church than sex. While advice abounds regarding what not to do and who not to do it with, we’ve lacked the conversational tools and biblical insight needed to adequately address the subject. With so much at stake, let’s flip the script and pursue the value of living healthy sexual lives – discovering one of God’s greatest gifts to humans. 

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