Marcy Walker - January 16, 2022


Contrary to popular opinion, fitness comes in all kinds of beautiful shapes and sizes. No matter your life stage or unique physique, you were designed to live life to the full. Join us for a message of challenge and hope – discovering the confidence, discipline and community to find your best fit.

From Series: "Health Check"

We all dread going to the doctor for a health check. Sitting with someone you barely know to talk about stuff you don’t want to hear so you can leave and decide you really don’t want to change anything that landed you there in the first place! But hey, you’ve got one life, one chance to live long and prosper. Just one. This January, let’s do a health check. Rather than name a resolution, let’s declare a whole-life health revolution. Deploying the principles found in Rick Warren’s NYTimes bestselling “Daniel Plan,” we partner with God – and one another – to make 2022 our healthiest year yet. Let’s do this!

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