Mosaic Campus

Worship Times

Sundays 9:05, 10:30am

Location Information

Regal Cinemas
2651 Fairfield Commons
Beavercreek, OH 45431

Mosaic’s Story

The idea for Mosaic Church began in 2014 as Pastors Wayne Botkin and Roz Picardo were driving back from a church planting meeting at the Vineyard Church in Columbus. They began to ask the question, “Why is it that when a church is planted only one planter is sent?” The biblical model Jesus instituted in the New Testament demonstrates this work being done in teams; Jesus sent out his disciples two by two. Then they said to each other, “What if we planted a church together?”

Wayne and Roz didn’t give the idea much credence initially because they were each part of two different churches. (Wayne is the Pastor of the South Campus of Christ Church, and Roz is the Executive Pastor of New Church Development at Ginghamsburg.) Yet, neither of them could shake the conversation and started to realize that a God-dream was being birthed in their hearts: two pastors coming together to plant a shared church. But, how could they convince two churches to partner? It’s not typically done. After more thought and prayer, Wayne and Roz decided to approach their lead pastors and others. Surprisingly, all parties were intrigued and supportive. After much prayer, meetings and deliberation, this God-dream became Mosaic Church.

Mosaic Pastors

Rosario Picardo

Rosario Picardo

Beavercreek Campus

Rosario (Roz) is a follower of Jesus, husband to Callie who he first met at Starbucks and father to Lily. He happens to be “a very regular dude” that God has entrusted with a vision for ministering to the people of Dayton. Roz grew up in western New York as a first-generation Sicilian-American. In 2003, he earned his B.A. in Religion from Houghton College, and in 2007 a Masters of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary and 2014 a Doctoral Degree from United Theological Seminary.

Wayne Botkin

Wayne Botkin

Beavercreek Campus

When Wayne moved with his wife, Tricia, from Kettering to Springboro in 2008 to be part of launching an extension of Christ Church. In 2001 he received a Masters in Divinity from the Methodist Theological School of Ohio and served 15 years in youth ministry (6 at Christ Church) before he was appointed as the pastor to help start South Campus. He enjoys time with family, especially his nieces (one of who lives with him and Tricia), attending and cheering them on at various events. Wayne looks forward to meeting you and hearing your story and journey of faith!