Bible in One Year

Week 3 – “Punish the wicked, O God!”

Psalm 10:12-14
In 2023, the Ginghamsburg Church community is following the Bible in One Year reading plan. Anyone can download the Bible in One Year app and join the discussion in the comments below, or by joining the ginghamsburg facebook group and locating the Bible in One Year community chat. The following post is a reflection written by Ginghamsburg Church community member Tiffany Taylor.

“Arise, O Lord! Punish the wicked, O God! Do not ignore the helpless!”

I’m imagining myself as a sheep being bullied by a pack of wolves. My kids bleating from intimidation. I go before the Lord’s court to plead my case against the wolves. God – the Good Shepherd; the Good, Good Father – wipes my tears. He points to the dungeon and the wolves are dragged off by angels.

In my imagination, I see God being just in an unfair world. In my reality, I see his favor over me tripled. Before him, no parts of me go unacknowledged, unseen or taken for granted.

“But you see the trouble and grief they cause. You take note of it and punish them. The helpless put their trust in you. You defend the orphans” (vs 14).

In my heart, like many of us, I’m not imagining the harm of others. I’m imagining a savior willing to stand up for me! Willing to rescue me and set every crooked path straight! Willing to be my father and my friend. As I grow, I’m beginning to see this inside of me. A shepherd who gives what he has to his flock! How merciful!

As we fight our own wolves in daily life, let’s be reminded we DO have a Savior, a Holy Shepard: Jesus! Let us stand with our chests out, our chins straight; confident in our Good, Good Father’s love for us. He will never abandon us; his comfort is there like a cashmere blanket. Let us abide in his shelter.
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