Re•De•Fine Rich | Manage Your Money Well

Dan Bracken

If you’re looking for week 2 of Re•De•Fine Rich, you can find the full message from Pastor Mike Slaughter here:

Mike was senior pastor of Ginghamsburg when I first came on staff over 15 years ago. My first week he said to me, “the finance office will hate me for telling you this, but take full advantage of our 403b match program. If you don’t, you’re leaving free money on the table.”

Ever since, Mike has been a persistent encourager of health in my personal finances–from budgeting to debt reduction and (most importantly) generosity.

“Sometimes I get asked why bad things happen… like why does God allow people to go hungry? God doesn’t allow people to go without food, we do! We are the only bank account God has. The resources of heaven are released on earth through us.” -Mike Slaughter, Ginghamsburg Pastor Emeritus

At Ginghamsburg, Christmas has been our best opportunity to put this concept into practice. You can read all about the Christmas Miracle Offering HERE.

This Christmas, we’re rebuilding homes in Southwest Louisiana. I wrote a brief reflection after my trip to Lake Charles, LA with Pastor Rachel. You can read that HERE.

Join us in worship through November and December to hear more stories from Louisiana. We want to change the world, but God first wants to change us.

Managing your money well starts with understanding that it all belongs to God.

Dan Bracken 1 Communication Director

Dan Bracken
Ginghamsburg Communication Director